Why (bother to) vote?

Why vote?
1) Low turnout means that important local issues are determined by a limited group of voters, making a single vote even more statistically meaningful. While certain propositions may be popular, and therefore seem like a sure thing, they can fail if people stay home. By not voting, you let others decide for you.
2) It’s your right – don’t give it up. It took many years of marching, protesting, and fighting for all of us to have the right to vote. Use your right. Exert your power.
3) It’s your money. Voting is your chance to choose how your tax dollars are spent, such as additional funding for health care and social services. This happens both through your vote on specific propositions and ballot measures, as well as those we elect to leadership positions that commit to supporting key social services in our communities.
4) Change the system for the better. Do you want to make a positive impact in your community? Voting gives you that chance! There are many social issues affected by elections, including (but not limited to) gay marriage, reproductive rights, environmental issues, public education, etc. Social issues affect everyone in one way or another. To have a say in who gets to determine social agendas, it’s essential to vote.
5) For the good of our entire community. Our communities are made up of family, friends, loved ones, neighbors, and children. Some may not know how important voting is, while others cannot vote. Make the decision to vote to be a voice for yourself and those around you. 
Sometimes we forget the “why” and if someone asks why you “bother to vote” please give them some of these answers.
This info was reproduced from a well written article here: https://www.altamed.org/art…/5-reasons-why-you-should-vote
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